Customer Care

We believe we will be successful if our clients are satisfied.

Our customers enjoy the extra effort we give to make sure services are done in a timely, organized manner.

Of course, a great product helps in this, but backing that up with service is critical. We take service very seriously and we have invested in it.

Here’s a few ways we make support experiences as fast and helpful as possible:

‐ We receive and respond to customer support requests via email, phone, social media, and form submissions on the website. You choose the most convenient way to interact with us and we’ll help you from there
‐ We track and report on what issues customers experience most often (and what features they are requesting). Instead of guessing what we think should be worked on by our development team, we use this information to proactively improve the platform
‐ Every member of our leadership team takes and responds to support requests

It isn’t just about fixing things that are broken either. With our team, including technical engineers, so engaged, we can often roll out feature requests very quickly. In the past month there were two occasions when we made platform improvements based on customer feature requests within two days of them being made.

We would like to ask for your support in contributing open feedback to your contact at Rebat Systems, even if you have not personally received a questionnaire, as through this we can explore mutual opportunities to move forward together during these challenging times for our industry.