Diesel Generator Set

  • Diesel Generator Set
  • Diesel Generator Set

Emergency backup system

The natural gas, propane, or diesel generator is the most widely used alternative source of power in facilities today. Its ability to provide continuous power as long as it has a supply of fuel makes it well‐suited for providing both long‐ and short‐term backup power.

The UPS system offers the advantage of supplying power to the loads continuously, no matter what happens to the utility power. But the benefits of the UPS go beyond its ability to continuously supply power. The process of taking alternating current from the utility and converting it to direct current, then back to alternating current, eliminates practically all power disturbances, including transients, noise, and voltage fluctuations.

Rebat Systems provides complete generator with ATS and UPS back‐up power solutions, from estimation to startup, including turnkey installations and service. We offer the most reliable lines of permanent and portable diesel and natural gas powered standby generators available, from top
manufacturers. When you need an emergency backup, nothing beats a quality stand by generator that can get your facility back online quickly.

We offer one of the most capable and experienced teams of generator and UPS experts, and we can help you design the perfect system for your back‐up power needs for different applications (residential, commercial & industrial).

Why REBAT generators & UPS systems?

  • Our system is suitable for heavy loads.

  • Our system can deliver its power for long time.

  • Rebat Systems offers a powerful maintenance program.

  • Our system power range is available from hundred of watts to thousands of Kwatts.

Our system components are supplied from:

Our system components are supplied from: