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Solar energy

Rebat Systems provides a complete solution for Photovoltaic power systems for varies types of applications; our developers always use the current state of the PV technology.

  • Household (e.g. small & large villas, residential buildings).

  • Commercial (e.g. office spaces, malls).

  • Industrial (e.g. isolated control & communication units).

  • Agriculture (e.g. lighting & water lifting in farms).

Why REBAT photovoltaic system?

  • Our system provides an independent, green, reliable & alternative source of power instead of utility supply.

  • No electricity blackout, electrical power available along the 24 hours.

  • Save your money, low electricity bills.

  • Remote monitoring for your installed PV system through your phone (SMS, mobile application).

  • Our PV modules can be used as beautification & decoration for your house or garage roof.

  • Our system covers all ranges of loads which vary from hundreds to thousands of watts.

  • Our system components (PV modules, converters, batteries & inverters) have the highest quality.

Our system components are supplied from

Our system components are supplied from